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We use PayPal for our online Credit Card processing of all purchases.  Once a selection is made and order submitted, you will be taken to PayPal for payment processing .  Please select the MP3 Music folders for all the countries music that you like.  Entire folders of MP3 music files will be duplicated for you, on the Media that you choose.  It is one of the most economical way to build your Music Library.
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  Region المنطقه Folder Cost in $ Select Region المنطقه Folder Cost in $ Select
1 Music of Algeria موسيقى من الجزائر 1.00     8 Khaleej & Yemen Music موسيقى الخليج واليمن 2.00  
2 Music of Andalus موسيقى الأندلس 1.50     9 Music of Libya موسيقى من ليبيا 2.00  
3 Music of Iraq موسيقى من العراق 1.50   10 Music of Morocco موسيقى من مرّاكش 8.00  
4 Music of Jordan موسيقى من الأردن 1.00     11 Music of Sudan موسيقى من السودان 4.00  
5 Music of Saudi Arabia موسيقى من السعوديه 15.00     12 Music of Tunis موسيقى من تونس 2.00  
6 Music of Egypt الموسيقى المصريه See List     13 Music of Lebanon موسيقى من لبنان See List  
7  Music of Syria الموسيقى السوريه See List            

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